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Calgary landscaping calculator

| March 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Calgary Landscaping CalculatorWould you like to be able to calculate your professional landscaping costs for your landscaping in Calgary ?  We have found an excellent landscaping calculator that will help you figure out Calgary landscaping prices.   This calculator is designed to calculate your landscaping costs when using a professional landscaper in Calgary.   We like this tool because it helps you understand your landscaping costs so you have a good understanding of prices.  It will give you a good guide line to see if your landscaping wish list can be created within your budget.  It will also help you know costs before you meet with your landscaper.  The landscaping calculator uses data provided by a number of local landscapers in Calgary so it should give you very good idea of competitive landscaping prices.  To use the calculator you simply enter the square footage of your different projects like sod, paving stones, etc and the calculator does the rest.  The Calgary landscaping calculator also includes costs for large trees, shrubs, retaining walls, and underground sprinklers.  Want to give the calculator a try ?

Vist this link to calculate your landscaping costs

landscaping cost calculator



Welcome To Landscaping Calgary

| December 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Landscaping Calgary is a information site designed to give you an abundance of articles and information pertaining to landscaping in Calgary.  We have utilized the expertise of many professional landscaping companies, landscaping gardeners, and landscaping writers.  This means that you are getting great landscaping information on a variety of topics.  We have included landscaping articles on how to create and build your own landscaping as well as articles on how to hire a local Calgary landscaping company.  Our objective on this site is to help you lean landscaping Calgary terminology so that you can better understand the landscaping process when dealing with local garden centres or landscaping companies.  Dealing with local landscaping companies can be confusing so we want to make sure you fully understand the process before you meet with the landscaping company.  If you are planning to build your landscaping yourself you will want to make sure that you understand how to install your landscaping.  There are many things to learn about landscaping and this site will help you understand the process.  Landscaping in Calgary can be a big investment whether you are a home owner or a business owner.  You will want to make sure to read many of the articles on our website in order to fully understand your landscaping project.  Be sure to look at our other articles that go far beyond basic landscaping and include topics and tips on gardening, planting trees, planting shrubs and creating water features.  There are lots of articles on landscaping design that should help you create your own design for your home or business.  As well, we have included outdoor kitchen articles that cover everything from BBQ’s to building your outdoor kitchen.  Landscaping Calgary truly is your one stop landscaping website.


Extraordinary outdoor walls and fences.

| December 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor garden and living area is a peaceful escape from the everyday noise, or a vibrant energetic place full of noise, chances are you also want it to be a place that’s private. Landscaping Calgary has some great advice when it comes to building extraordinary walls and fences.  Walls and fences are a way to privatise your space and provide a means of security. Typically when we think of building a wall or fence we think of the standard products available to us, such as wood, chain link, or concrete, but what if you don’t want the typical, boring look? Then follow your vision! Literally anything can be done.


bamboo fence calgary

There are many materials and styles, below are a few “out of the box” ideas:

Bamboo screens–
Maybe you like the tropical forest look.If you have patience you might want to try growing a bamboo separator screen. Bamboo is a fast growing tall grass, but does take years to grow to the size that it would provide complete privacy. Calgary does have a few bamboo screens around the city but it is certainly not the most common material used.  When fully grown though, it’s so thick you would have to cut through it to be able to see anything on the other side. Bamboo fence panels are available to attach to exiting wooden or chain link, or custom bamboo fencing can be ordered. Bamboo fences are a great idea for a spa or hot tub area. Check out your local garden centres to see what type of bamboo is available.

Metal sculpture fences – Metal sculpture fences are becoming more and more popular in Calgary landscaping.  They certainly make for an extraordinary fence.  Landscaping Calgary has seen a number of these unique fences in and around Calgary.  Definitely out of the ordinary, but also a great way to catch people’s attention. Use up old pieces of scrap metal and weld yourself a sculptural work of art, orcommission a sculptor to do it for you. Either way your fence will be sturdy and gain a lot of attention.

Wrought iron fences – Available in many different railing designs, it’s solid and dependable. Wrought iron never goes out of style and if you don’t like the designs available to you have one custom designed.

Stone or Rock walls – Gathering up various sizes of rocks and boulders can give you the materials needed to build yourself a rock wall or barrier. Either cement can be used to hold them together or a rock wall palette (a mesh wire encasement that holds the rocks in place). Rock walls are sturdy, rustic looking, and provide a natural pattern with depth, color and shadows. If you prefer a more uniform look pavers can be used. Many different styles of stone and rock are available at your local landscape supplier.

Vinyl fencing – No maintenance required and it lasts a life time. Decorative vinyl and composite fencing can be found up to 6ft tall.

Outdoor walls – There are many different things you can do with outdoor walls. If you want to make a boring wall look better try these ideas: have a creeping plant grow up it, or a bunch of vertical plants in colorful pots in front of it, or a hedge growing over it, or all of the above. Use your imagination, pretty plants can take the attention away from the wall and create a tropical feel. To make it even more quirky build a wall of terracotta and place a bunch of pottery or ornamental objects right into the terracotta. Have plants and vines grow directly out of the pots and up the wall. This is a great idea for a courtyard.


If you’re starting from scratch then there are a lot more options available to you, but if you have to change what you have then work with what you have. If you have a concrete wall, paint it with a colorful mural or embellish it with outdoor art.  If you have wooden fences, consider stripping them and giving them an artistic distressed look, or maybe just a color change will work for you. Whatever your preference, anything can be changed with a little imagination. So get your creative juices flowing and create your own extraordinary outdoor wall or fence that won’t fade into the background.

Building a small decorative outdoor pond.

| December 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

Building a small decorative outdoor pond is inexpensive and not that complex.   Landscaping Calgary has consulted with professional landscaping companies in pond calgaryCalgary and we have these tips for you.  A pond adds charm to your backyard and can be a creative showpiece that adds value to garden. Building a pretty little pond requires no more than a can of paint, some pond liner, a pump, a few decorative rocks and plants, and a large amount of hard labor (yes unfortunately digging is required). If you want to avoid some digging, rent a small track hoe from your local home improvement store.

A small pond requires less maintenance than a water garden with live plants and fish, which also requires a deeper pond. Your biggest concern with a small pond is controlling the algae, but if you’re not interested in creating a natural biological environment, there are many algae controls available in the garden sections of your local discount and hardware stores. Don’t forget to consider whether you have a close source of water and electricity before attempting to build a pond.   


 A simple step by step process to building a small pond

  1.  Clear the area of everything (e.g. rocks, plants, trees), and outline the shape of your pond with paint.
  2. Measure the outline of the pond to determine how much liner you need. A good way to measure is to double the amount of liner needed for the depth you want to go. The equation will look something like this: 10width + 5height + 2overlap = 17ft, 10depth + 5half depth + 2overlap = 17ft, (you will need a 17 x 17ft liner.)
  3. Remove any grass from the area about 6inches past your paint line.
  4. Dig your pond to your desired depth, keeping the sides as vertical as possible. This makes it easier to hide the liner later.  Make sure you go a little deeper than your pond depth to account for the earth settling. Also remove any sharp objects like rocks or roots.
  5. Put some type of soft material at the bottom of the pond to provide a cushion for the liner from sharp objects. Sand works well. Drape the liner in the hole leaving an overlap on the edges. Secure the liner with something heavy like boulders or bricks.
  6. Fill the pond halfway with water and leave it overnight to settle the soil. Fill the rest of the pond up the next day re-securing your liner as you go.
  7. Trim any excess liner and secure the edging with 20dd nails spaced 1ft apart. Decorate the edging of your pond with any heavy material. Boulders or paving stones are always nice.
  8. Follow the directions for installing the pump. The formula for the size of pump needed iswidth x length x depth x 7.5 gallons.
  9. The pump will show above ground, so be creative and place decorative stones or plants around the pump and hose to help in concealing it.


 Building a small decorative pond in your garden adds a peaceful and attractive addition to your outdoor living space. It will increase the value of your home and be a conversation piece in your neighbourhood. To add even more charm, consider a waterfall.  Pond waterfalls prevent any standing water issues and provide a beautiful background noise. Be sure to check out our next article on installing waterfalls to ponds.  Be sure to check out  other landscaping Calgary articles on



Landscape lighting for your garden

| March 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

Landscape lighting is a perfect way to create a whole new ambience in your backyard. Lights allow you to accent what you want to focus on and create depth and dimension. Lighting can also add texture and shadow, and provide a warm and inviting glow. Adding the right lights to your backyard can make it the perfect place for outdoor entertaining and expand your indoor living space to the outdoors.

Another very important reason for landscape lighting is security. We all want to feel safe and secure in our home, so why not in our yards. Lighting can illuminate pathways and stairs, and accentuate shapes, making your yard more inviting and safe.

There are two common types of landscape lighting, solar or low voltage systems. Solar is a simple installation that only requires you to place the lights. Low voltage requires installation that is generally user friendly and easy to install. If you’re hesitant about installing an electrical lighting system and have concerns call a lighting professional or an electrician.

When landscape lighting use a friend to help you place your lights, an extra set of eyes can help you create a balanced design and complete the look. Choose green or black fixtures that blend in with the foliage and remember to place the lights no more than 12ft away from the object that you want to light. If hanging lights make sure they hang 8-10ft off the ground so that it is easier for you to change the light bulbs. Look at the forms, shapes and transparency of the plants in your garden that you are going to illuminate and decide to light up or down. For special occasions you can add string lights and wrap them around tree trunks or stair rails. Clip lights can be added anywhere and are easy to put up and take down. Umbrella lights, Japanese paper lanterns, or hanging lanterns can also be added amongst the greenery and can add a nice soft glow to your garden.

Some ways to light your garden:

Flowerbeds with ground lighting can define the outline of the bed and up-lighting your shrubs can highlight their shapes.
Trees are focal points, highlighting them allows you to see the texture of the bark and the canopy shape. Trees will also bounce light back into the yard.
Decks lighting makes the space more usable and safer. Down-lighting can provide a candlelit feeling.

Different lights create different vibes:

Well lights go directly into the ground and can prevent tripping hazards. They are easy to mow over, low maintenance, and can be washed off with a garden hose.
Tower lights create a peaceful feeling like moonlight falling onto the garden.
Floodlights create a shadowy effect against fences and the sides of your house and accentuate shapes and textures of objects and plants providing focal points.
Indirect lighting is lights built in under structures that create a shadowy effect on the ground.
Pathway lights are placed along walkways and stairs for safety.
Hooded lights create a downward pool of light with no glare.

With Landscape lighting you can enjoy your garden all year long from morning til night. Change the mood for different occasions by changing the light bulbs, and add creativity and a warm vibe for your guests. Make your garden into a botanical getaway.

The perfect outdoor firepit

| March 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

An outdoor fire pit is a perfect way to make every weekend like a camping trip (without the hassle of
having to pack). A fire pit gives you a chance to sit around the fire with your family and friends enjoying the warmth and the glow of the embers as they burn.  Maybe even make a Smore or two. A fire pit can certainly be an advantage on cool nights and can provide warmth and coziness in the seclusion of your own backyard. It can also be used as a grill or barbeque, making it both functional and an added attraction all year long.

The popularity of fire pits today is on the rise thanks to the increasing prices of fire holding equipment. People have realized the cost savings over the long run, as well as the fact that they are easy to install and maintain and can be built to your specifications, reflecting your personal creativity. Installers are not required, however if you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, outdoor designers are available to help.

There are many different varieties of fire pits available:

  1. The most traditional is the circular wood burning pit.
  2. If you want something more rustic, a Chimnea fire pit might be the perfect choice for you. Originating from Mexico, a Chimnea fire pit was originally used to bake bread. Nowadays they are used for the same reasons as all fire pits, to
    keep you warm and to grill up a feast (this can be done by lifting the neck off). Traditionally made out of ceramic, they are also available in cast iron or metal which can make them very modern looking as well.
  3. A portable fire pit can be a great choice because they are made of lightweight materials and can be moved easily
    or taken travelling.
  4. Copper fire pits are the most contemporary and high quality, but be careful when choosing. Make sure the copper is of high quality as some crack near the bottom due to the heat. 100% copper is highly recommended. Copper fire pits are safe and long lasting and add a unique and antique quality to your backyard.
  5. A fire pit table is a table with the fire pit built into the middle can provide a ledge on the outside and a place to put things like utensils and materials for cooking. It’s a great place to put a drink and rest your feet as well.
  6. Gas fire pits are a modern approach without the worry of flying embers. Clean, safe, and a little more extravagant, but a nice peaceful edition to your backyard.
  7. Metal sculptures fire pits come in natural gas or propane.  The steel generates greater heat then ceramic logs and you are able to remove the welded log set and burn real wood.

There are various fire pit accessories that can also be added to your fire pit to create a unique look. They are very versatile no matter
what your décor is, and burn cleaner then gas logs. No ash, soot or embers and they will not melt or emit toxic fumes.Some examples of these accessories are: fire glass(mix and match colours from neutral to vibrant, and create a magical fire dance) , fire balls, fire rocks(ethanol and gas), and fire shapes(triangles, cylinders, circles, stars)

So whatever décor you have in your backyard, there is a fire pit to match it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy you’re perfect outdoor fire


Patio furniture for your outdoor landscape

| March 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

To make your yard feel cozy and inviting you need to add some elements of design. Patio furniture is a functional way to help you finish the look of your outdoor landscape. Whatever your tastes, there is furniture and decor to match in a variety of materials and styles. When choosing your patio furniture ask yourself these questions: How will it match the decor you already have? Will it be comfortable?
How will it fare against the elements? e.g. rain, snow, sun and insects.

Here are some common materials used today for patio furniture:


Cheap and durable (but not the most beautiful) plastic can be a great starting point if your budget is low and you just want to start entertaining. If you’re concerned about the impact on the environment, plastic patio furniture can also be made from recyclable materials eg: Poly-wood.


If you prefer a more durable material, metal is the way to go. The two most common choices are wrought iron and aluminum. Iron is the most popular and is known for its strength and durability. It is heavy and not easily moved, but does provide a classic and traditional look that fits in with any decor. Look for thick metal as it’s more durable. Most Iron comes in black, but other colours are available. Aluminum is light weight, easily movable, and handles the elements very well. It can be traditional or trendy and is available in a variety of powder coated colours and patterns.

If considering metal for your patio furniture, remember to use cushions to prevent burns from heat. Also, make sure to keep it clean with soapy water and prevent rust by sanding any rust spots and repairing with spray paint or powder coating. Aluminum and Iron are available from high quality to low quality and in all price ranges, but both will last a very long time if treated well. Metal can provide an industrial or elegant look and comfort and support.


Synthetic wicker patio furniture stands up to all weather, stays cool to the touch and can be made to resemble wood. It’s the less expensive choice and can be found at most discount retailers and garden centres.


Wood has natural warmth and matches naturally with any garden. It looks good, is durable and comes in many styles. It’s a sustainable, renewable material that looks great and fits just about any budget. Wood will fade, but can easily be restained. If treated every year with a sealant it will be protected from the elements including insects. Don’t use a pressure washer on wood as it causes the grain of the wood to become porous and coarse, which can lead to rotting. It’s a good idea to store your wood furniture in a sheltered area during the winter months.

There are several types of wood patio furniture to choose from. Redwood is resistant to rot and holds well in all weather. Teak is popular for outdoor and indoor. It’s hard and withstands the elements,
especially wet weather. It’s an endangered wood, so it is expensive. Teak has natural oils that protect against insects and rot and with proper maintenance can last 80 years. Oak is a dense hardwood, but porous so more likely to rot without proper treatment. Cedar smells great and oils in the wood help to repel insects. Watch for too many knots as they weaken the wood. Make sure to look for solid construction and hardware, and test moving parts to make sure everything is working properly. Poorly constructed wood furniture can last only 1-2 years so be cautious.

There are many choices and it can be hard to decide. Choose furniture that is made to last and fits your personal style. Once you’ve picked the furniture that best suits your needs, budget, and style;
sit back, relax and enjoy your patio furniture in your outdoor landscape.

Landscaping Calgary

| December 3, 2011 | 1 Comment

Welcome to landscaping Calgary. We are very excited about our all new website coming soon to a browser near you. This landscaping site will be specifically geared toward promoting everything that is landscaping in Calgary. We want very much to help consumers decide on landscape products and services for their home. There really is so much out there that has never been explored and there is much about landscaping yet to be discovered. Landscaping Calgary is brought to you by Chinook landscaping, and is also affiliated with other websites such as sod Calgary


Have a look at our new pages including landscape lighting, shade tolerant shrubslandscaping apps for iphone and ipad, and landscaping on a budget.  At Landscaping Calgary, we also want to hear from you regarding your thoughts about our site.  Feel free to contact us with input, ideas, and creative ideas, we are always happy to listen and perhaps we will use some of your landscaping ideas here on this site.  We hope you will visit our new website again soon and enjoy the prolific landscaping Calgary opportunities. Don’t be surprised to see some totally new subjects on landscaping including landscape lighting, pondless waterfalls, landscape stone ideas, and a host of other topics.

Thanks for visiting landscaping Calgary.